Policy Vision

The wealthiest and greatest country belongs to the Stakeholders, not the Stockholders. We, the people, can have a more perfect union. We have to renovate our focus from profit to people. The following policies are based on a vision of having both a thriving free market and a society willing to support each other. Let's go from SURVIVING to THRIVING!

End Corruption

We've allowed legalized bribery of our politicians. The state of our nation is a consequence of those with the gold making the rules. The game is rigged, and we all know it.

To end this cycle of policies mainly favoring the rich, we need to elect a candidate that only accepts donations from individuals, not big-money interests.

• Ban stock trades while in office.
• Switch to publicly funded campaigns.
• Ban the revolving door between politicians leaving and becoming lobbyists.
• Retroactive term limits.


If you don't have health in this world, what else really matters? Regardless of which team you're on, everyone gets sick or injured. What's more important than the health of the ones you love?

Healthcare is a RIGHT—the privilege of a society that values one another. Every fully developed country has established healthcare as a right.

America deserves the peace of mind that comes with a single-payer healthcare system.


Freedom Dividend

If we operate this country like a business, aligning everyone's incentives means sharing in our company's (country's) success. Like an employee profit-sharing program, we are working harder than ever. It's time to reap what we sow.


• $1,000 a month for every U.S. citizen over the age of 18.

With this added income, what will happen?

People will spend it... on goods and services, pay off debts or increase savings, go on vacations, and become less reliant on bureaucratic programs.

Businesses will see an increase in demand and will have a workforce more willing to meet flexible business needs based on added cash flow. 

Communities big and small will see local economies revitalized. One more basic need being met means less stress and more patience.

More entrepreneurs will take risks to innovate and push our country forward sooner, turning our country into the greatest incubator for startups in the world!


Paid Family Leave

If people come first, those moments that are most important to families should focus on the family, not finances.


• Paid time off to care for family emergencies, spend time with your newborn, or events relating to a family member's military deployment.

Limited Government Reproductive Rights

Women should have complete authority over their bodies, period.

Life rarely goes as planned. Mothers and their practitioners need legal protection to make the hardest decisions of their lives. The government has no place in these situations; privacy and protection of autonomy are of the utmost importance.

• Codify Roe v Wade into federal law.
• Ensure Privacy rights are implemented.

Attainable Higher Education

The pursuit of happiness should be within reach of everyone. Education is a great path towards achieving a more fulfilling life. The cost of higher education is placing a greater burden on one's ability to navigate life.

Whether attending University or Trade school, the free market would be better served by price transparency. Moreover, we'll create a tool like "Priceline" that will provide pricing comparisons along with detailed breakdowns of payment plans to make a more informed decision for everyone.


• Creation of a marketplace of education options.
• Require educational institutions to provide "out-the-door" pricing.
• Work with institutions to provide live metrics of committed students to help attendance and market pricing.

Legalize Recreational Activities

A war on drugs creates a black market—an unregulated, untaxed market with serious consequences: violence, contaminated products, and addiction.


• Federally legalize Marijuana.
• Release all non-violent drug-oriented convicted Americans.
• Legalize ALL recreational drugs.
• Shift efforts towards rehab and addiction treatment (Freedom Dividend will relieve a lot of despair that leads to drug use/abuse.

LGBTQ+ Rights

As President, my role is to ensure EVERYONE lives in a nation where they can pursue happiness safely and securely. Protection of all by creating the conditions that promote diversity in life and leading by example with love.

The LGBTQ+ community not only deserves the same conditions but should be a focal point of my administration, as there are segments of our population that want to either deprive or strip away certain inalienable rights.


• Codify same-sex marriage into law.
• Advocate for universal bathrooms.
• Advocate against policies that may attempt to frame the LGBTQ+ community as predatory.

Israel and Palestine

The following is a letter I recently published:

Alliances are a peculiar arrangement. Predicated on trust and respect for all parties involved. Throughout our nation's history, time and time again, we’ve taken on the role of being the protector of our allies. Like a big brother, there is a sense of honor and pride in being in a position to be of such service. 

On October 7th, Israel was attacked by Hamas. We, as a nation and ally, would come to support and ensure no further aggression would take place while Israel was vulnerable. No further aggression...That should have been the singular objective. With many hostages and souls at stake, a response by Israel seemed justifiable. With the expectation of being an ally, our involvement seemed understandable, despite knowing Israel had turned Palestine into an open-air prison without full control over its own resources prior.

Unconditionality isn’t a position any ally should expect to be held to. Our support was initially noble in nature but quickly devolved into support of genocide. And like a big brother, we must hold our counterparts accountable.

The path to arriving at this point started with the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by Israel's government under the guise of retribution against Hamas. These are not actions taken by a nation prioritizing the recovery of hostages nor consideration for the lives of innocent civilians residing in buildings and communities that have been destroyed. It’s well known that Hamas had a network of tunnels and would be well protected from such armaments being deployed. 

Tactics and rhetoric would have us believe Israel has conflated Hamas and innocent civilians, leaving no interpretation that Israel indeed was considering the lives of innocent civilians.

The devastation upon the Palestinians is something we, as Americans, feel we are complicit in and want STOPPED.

A ceasefire, immediate aid to the millions displaced, and the prioritization of human life are the only actions we will accept. Prime Minister Netanyahu must step down. He and his fellow aggressors should be held accountable for their war crimes. This is the moment our allied support will no longer be unconditional but set forth with these conditions specifically. 

With each passing moment, the horrors experienced by parties on all sides cannot heal. We want peace in the region and good faith steps to form a two-state solution with Palestine having sovereign control over its own territory and resources. We will no longer financially support the genocide being inflicted on the innocent.

Border and Immigration Reform

As long as I’ve been alive, there has been talk of needing immigration reform. Yet, here we are in 2024, and the same arguments are still being made. It’s almost like it’s essential not to resolve this area of life in our nation. Why? Could it be that legislators can make money in the form of donations, the media can increase or retain viewership, and money can continue to flow to the benefactors?

Let's settle this once and for all. No, Immigrants are not good or bad. We don’t paint people with such a broad brush. I look at our border and immigration policies as a larger picture. The power dynamic at play is that immigrants have none. With that said, the following changes need to be implemented to address issues created by existing legislative failures:

• Deploy more judges to address the current backlog of immigrants awaiting a decision.
• Reduce wait times and bottlenecks that create such long wait times that incentivize others to circumvent the legal processes.
• Secure the border with a wall and other more modern technologies.

The processing time built into our existing system creates a barrier to pursuing legal immigration. Furthermore, immigrants here outside of the legal path can only survive if they're able to earn a living. The power is in the hands of employers. Not the immigrants. Therefore, this policy must be implemented: 

• Implement an e-verify system, making it illegal for employers to hire undocumented workers.
• Financial penalties for employers hiring undocumented immigrants.

It is important to keep a fair labor market. When employers are allowed to dilute the market, that hurts us all, including immigrants working here legally.

We have many who only know the United States as their home. We must not keep them in limbo:

• Make Dreamers citizens.

As we look closer at the motives of those immigrating to our great nation, we must understand most are either seeking opportunity or fleeing danger. The following are policies meant to address such scenarios:

• Establish asylum requirements to be initiated at US Embassies in one's home country rather than a requirement to come to our border.
• Establish a Marshall Plan. We did this in Europe after WWII to help Europe recover physically and economically.  Partnering with Latin America through commerce, we'll help establish economic opportunities in one's home nation.

The objective must be to do something different, but these policies are not in a vacuum. Our commitment to the drug war must end. Corruption runs rampant because of the continuation of an unregulated market.

Under my administration, we will streamline the legal process while partnering with our neighbors to create conditions of safety and opportunity.

Renovate America
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